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Monthly Archives: January 2018

celebrities in wax

The politics of the celebrities in wax

In an era in which the public has a more complicated relationship with celebrities, in which they demand to know everything about their lives, what use are the wax figures that replicate these stars? We’re talking about Madame Tussauds museums and what’s happening in the

Top 5 Hill Stations to Travel This Summer

Summers are already here, and I know you have started to look for an escape to some cooler place for some time. There are plenty of hill stations in India, and to choose one from so many options is really hard. Our country has over


The invention of computer made the world so small that we can get any information from nook and corner of the world very easily at our home. Laptop is the portable computer and suitable for use in travelling and any where in the house comfortably.

5 Best Ways to Speed up Chrome

Google Chrome is currently the fastest and most widely used web browser in Windows. But Chrome is vulnerable to slow performance sometimes due to some of its extensions, applications and features, despite having all the bug-fixes, automatic updates and advanced features. Nevertheless, there are some


How to choose the best sunglasses for you

Do you know which sunglasses suit you best? Choosing sunglasses is not easy when you know how many models, colors and sizes there are. To facilitate the choice, here is a small guide! Do not follow the trends blindly Ask yourself if that supertrendy model